Mother’s Day Tea Gifts

Mother’s Day is May 10 – time to order that Mother’s Day gift pronto! Tea makes a great Mother’s Day Gift!

Moms will enjoy some beautiful, healthy tea, teapots, teacups, and tea accessories. Here are a few of our favorite Mothers Day Tea Gifts, with free shipping for orders over $50:

Mother’s Day Teapots and other lovely gifts
Teapots and Gifts for Mother's Day

For the bargain shopper, this $9 teapot is a steal – pair it with a tin of tea and you’ve got a great gift for under $20!
 Mothers Day Tea Gifts

Tea Starter Set includes a dishwasher and microwave safe tea maker and four different loose leaf teas in reusable tins.
Free Wrapping

Membership to a Tea of the Month Club, Mom will receive new teas each month to sample for just $20 per month.
Join Teavanas Tea of the Month Club

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